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Our replacement by post-humans.

, Human history
 The biotech­nological revolution signals our replacement by post-humans. Photograph: Alamy

The technological revolution is still wet behind the ears.  As it grows, in the near future it will replace millions of drivers in lorries across the globe with driverless vehicles. 

Soon in London those very well paid subway
drivers and guards on trains that the Brits are so addicted to striking about will be no more
as in London and in other big cities there will be driverless trains.

A friend of mine has a Robot vacuum cleaner which freakily operates on its own without human help.
(Get me out of  here!)

And so it goes...but on a more philosophical point,  Harari in his book Sapiens (his word for us)  suspects that the biotechnological revolution signals the end of sapiens: we will be replaced by bioengineered post-humans, "amortal" cyborgs, capable of living forever.

This thought is either terrifying (me) or gratifying (some people).

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