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The moral set - as ridiculous as Trump's haircut

Evolutionary altruism is only a flame when it is directed towards kin
It diminishes when it is directed towards community and when it comes to society at large it falls off the cliff.
 Morals are a curiously contemporary attitude of worship, and defiant too
Not unlike Donald Trump’s defiantly ridiculous haircut.
Morals,  by the those with a leftist bent is designed to girdle the globe.
From atop Mount Moral one is told how to behave and this then is distended
(elasticated) to encompass all - even into uncharted moral waters
 This sort of moral hubris, creates a tension in the scientific breast, moral preaching is a form of ballistic behaviour aimed against subvisible pellets (us)

We as mosaics of intention and make-up are reduced to yea sayers.
 Is this moralising not akin to art i.e designed to protect us from reality?

Those advocating morals most are rigid in their conception of what their audience is composed of.  They may say it is reasonable to be ‘moral’ yet reason is very much a Johny come lately Enlightenment notion (circa mid 18th Century|) so ‘reason’
 '...oh come on be ‘reasonable’ i.e see things my way is weakly efficacious and as some might argue a rape of logic.
We are as Daniel Dennett attests a veritable pandemonium of human psyche, multiple drafts not a static self to be appealed to half-witted moralism from the Pantheon of the elect, one of then from atop his moral skyscraper said to me recently, 
'But Trump voters don’t even read the papers.'
I replied, 'But surely this is an advance for human kind?'

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