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Russian hackers - an anger management tool for Democrats

The Democrats supply of enemies is inexhaustible, Russian hackers and other imaginary saboteurs
abound as Liberals indulge themselves in the hermeneutics of suspicion as if  the 'deplorables' had been texting God himself

It seems post Election the Democrats view their task is to dig out hidden meanings and concealed contradictions in a fact, scanning it for those symptomatic points at which it falters, deadlocks, disrupts its own logic or threatens to come apart at the seams. 

The Liberal task post election it would seen is to unmask a fact not unlike a cop browbeating a shifty suspect.

However, the do gooders up on Mount Moral as it informs the electorate (Trump/Brexit) they were wrong - whatever it may think  what specious higher order they are engaging the brutal reality is
 unwittingly complicitous with political power.

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