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On us being in 2 places at the sane/same time

Image result for reflectionsBeImage result for reflections

Because you are made of atoms, then if atoms can be in two places at once in super position, so can you.

Moreover, we should expect quantum mechanics to feel counterintuitive, because evolution endowed us with intuition only for those aspects of physics that had survival value for our distant ancestors, such as the trajectories of flying rocks.

When thinking about the ultimate nature of reality, I find it useful to distinguish between two ways of viewing a physical theory: the outside view of a physicist studying its mathematical equations, like a bird surveying a landscape from high above, and the inside view of an observer living in the world described by the equations, like a frog being watched by the bird.

Rather than being terrified of these many versions of yourself we might evolve to view such a possibility as part of the multiverses charrm.

Source: Max Tegmark is a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

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