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I am a Liberal so you may kiss my shadow

I am a Liberal and as I waft by so you may kiss my shadow

I stroll on festooned and garlanded with good causes 
on occasions my grandiosity spirals and it is a task to contain it.

 Meandering on I note the other with my usual degree of contempt
for there they sit in serried rows semi barbarous and idolatrous to that new deity
tonsured to a centimetre in the mode of a Sun God, to see them sitting there gawking in admiration 
drives me to an intemperate fury
Oh you dreadfuls may accuse me of obsessive grievances
but how else an I furnish my moral franchise
It follows, as a Liberal I still must do what I deem to be the good 

 and accuse me if you will of therapeutic belligerence but would be to unduly denigrate me

So, now, with superhuman equanimity I dredge up  

a tolerance for them, the other, the 'deplorables'Image result for bridle

They emit nervous laughter of unease as I approach them for they must, must I say,  be taught the right way, my way, the Liberal way and the Bridle is the only option

nImage result for liberals

Poem by Peter P Cheevers

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