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When the Obama's opponents go Low the Obama's go even Lower

'When they go low we go high.'Michelle Obama, she of the University thesis so bad it was criticized as not having been written in any known language, post election, may have this folksy trite phrase to haunt her

For it would appear that when the  Obama’s opponents go low, they go even lower.

As he endeavoured to preserve the preservation of his own, highly contentious legacy.Barack Obama, in his measured patrician tones, (plenty of heavy duty pauses to engender a pseudo gravitas) although what you say may lack substance it's the delivery that will appeal to them, the credulous,  the herd, yes in that way you will come across as a learned Professor speaking to lesser people.
This kind of rhetoric he used in his recent speech against Trump and Comey is classic Obama
'If you don’t vote for Hillary, he explained, 'then Trump will win', wow, run that one by me again Professor, for therein lies an apercu of startling insight.  In  a further revealing  insight, worthy of Derrida as his deconstructive best,  he calls Trump divisive, but isn't that a divisive thing to do, Professor?

There is a truism about learning from your mistakes, Obama only very recently came to the UK and talked down in the same lofty patrician tones to the people of the UK on not opting for Brexit. The advice from this oh so wise Professor ddelivered in those oh so reasonable dulcet tones designed to mask his liberal dogmatism, was 'don't leave the EU for you will then be forever at the back of the queue. I wonder who wrote that for the wise Professor.
 He was told to f... off in no uncertain terms by the UK electorate
and the more perceptive commentariat. 
Obama leaves a very shaky legacy, a bridge to the next era of US politics which is a serious concern to the rest of the world. 

Well done Harvard, you do turn them out.

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