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Threaten the UK/US Establishment and you find you don't live in a Demoracy

In the final weeks of any election campaign, a quote normally starts to circulate to the effect that if voting actually made any difference, it wouldn’t be permitted. In America, it’s normally attributed to Mark Twain

The general idea is that there’s no point, it’s all a confidence trick, just like say, Hollywood.

For you will find, as the 17.4 million voters in the UK did this morning that  the real power lies in the hands of the elite who pretend to consult the people now and again, and then if the vote (Democracy) goes against them they determine they will get their way by any means anyway.

So, for example, even if 17.4 million people did vote for Britain to leave the European Union, a bunch of judges rule the decision invalid

Now these Judges although appearing to be impartial have their interest too, they have families, they have business interests, children, grandchildren, they have a weight of interests, that tips the scales held by that blind symbol of justice  Objective judgement, say the Judiciary is supposed displaces the apparent dichotomy between impartiality and particularity,  but one needs to delve into the Judge's particularity.

So look out USA if Trump (the people) gets elected, watch out as the Establishment sets out to undermine our supposed Democracy.

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