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The Tourette Syndrome name calling of the Liberal Left.

The term Je Suis arose out of a tragic event of horrifying magnitude in Paris  and that memory should not be sullied/ However I hope this does not sully that memory.

So if I employ the term say Je suis Deplorable to highlight a dangerous imbalance to our Democracies

I speak of the unhinged leftist diatribes by people like Bill Maher and Robert de Niro against Donald Trump.  They strike me as hate crimes if you want to use 
the Liberal barometer of what can and can't be said in our febrile times.
But let it be, far better that they are hung by their own unhinged words and watch them recalibrate under public scrutiny. 

Seriously when Maher and the pack of left wing comedian who rule the air waves roosts (why are there no left wing comedians?) Surely there is a thesis in that poser. Anyway one watches this left wing foaming at the mouth, and you feel someone should come along and take their temperatures. Is there a Nurse in the house?

When Liberals lose as they have just done to Trump or in the UK Brexit, they question the very thing they have championed, Democracy and take to the Courts.
Witness this in the post Brexit UK where a Court ruling initiated by a wealthy city slicker stalls the Brexit process. The Judges are in turn criticised for their
ruling and the newspapers who criticise them are villified for holding a counter view.
Tantamount to hate speech for newspapers to write scurrilous pieces about the ‘UK Government cabal, how so?  Well they are contributing to the anti-elites narrative which is firing hateful politics… across Europe’, said a writer for the Independent. The Guardian calls rabble-rousing tabloids part of a ‘mobocracy’, How long before fear of the elite or fear of the judiciary are made into hate crimes and added to the list of other ‘phobic’ beliefs you aren’t allowed to utter in polite society?
Then there are the dreaded H word, that unassailable Liberal J'accuse,  the Hitler comparisons, comparisons to Hitler and Nazi reel off the Liberal tongue in such a lobotomised manner one is concerned for their health, one wonders if they have Tourettes Syndrome as finger point, Hitler, Nazi, misogynist, homophobe, Ismalophobe, racist, (hold on there, Islam is not a 'race' it is a Religion)
The 'right' are demonsied in this hystercial fashion. Are these hectoring leftists zombies? Such villification for criticisig the judiciary, what next?  visages an extension of such threatened hysterics where you are turfed off the plane for reading the Daily Mail (God forbi our tabloids should be surpressed)
think of a Steward on your Boeing flight coming up to you and saying
'Excuse me Sir is that the New York Times you are reading:  I am afriad you will have to leave the aircraft.'
Have these 'educated' people ever heard of Compare and Contrast (the sort of thing you teach to 12 years olds in UK schools)

The Liberal 'intelligentsia' replete with all their middle brow reading and their unfettered access to the media, by the Liberal populated media chiefs. must not supress the opposing view for 'free speech' is the spine of a free society.

Compare and contrast 
You can be in favour of both the independence of the judiciary and the right of the press to be intemperate as they like, You can compare and contrast the 'deplorables' to the biased elite'  - without being damned as being eliteophobia
I hope and trust that the counter view will be accommodated with a reasoned eye.

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