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The modus operandi of Liberal dialectics

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Rat tat tat ....the verbal bullets are splayed at you if you disagree with their view


However aren't these verbal bullets diminishing in their impact, for like all over used words they soon
lapse into a mantra as they become jaded cliches through overuse, besides they are hardly dazzling infractions, or existential insights  to the logic of opposites.
Such name calling, to quote Heidegger is to leave the circle of the possible and to enter the communicative realm of what is not possible.
The theory that such tired name calling abuse will wound is a fiction, for to quote Barthes, 'theory itself is a fiction'.

The progressive Left long ago stopped being politicians and instead, aided by a corrosive media,  decided to start acting like missionaries. On they ploughed with their mass immigration, their diversity and equality, their contempt for lifelong, stable marriage, their refusal to punish crime, their mad, idealistic foreign wars, their indulgence of drugs, their scorn for patriotism, their schools and universities, turning out half educated graduates replete with middle brow reading (that is the class that rules a biased media).

So, time for these 'progressive' Liberals to partake of Hemlock to their mind set, descend off Mount Moral where you looked down on your lessers and endeavoured with unbelievable arrogance to save the people from themselves  - who half educated these people to go out as missionaries to hail the world that their idealistic way was the way - time for these ridiculous people to  join the 'real' world.

Now these oh so caring Liberals who have never examined themselves as to how the 'lower orders'
have viewed their own side’s billionaire-financed election victories in the past, are actually holding demonstrations against the result Deconstruct their placards and it will enable you to point a finger at the oh so Liberal teaching profession who half educated them.

After years of taunting, spiting, ignoring and scorning the rest of  'those people'  and their lower order opinions, they have been the authors and like some latter day Mepisthopheles goaded and spurred on a new 
order;  Brexit, Trump, wait for it, Le Pen, Italy, Austria Sweden Holland and so on and so on. 

Whatever is not eternal is eternally out of date. C. S. Lewis, claimed in the The Four Loves and liberal vales are not eternal, they are like many movemens short lived, after Brexit and Trump and what is to come they may now be viewing a lost Eden.

What is required in this new dawn is a shared sense of peoplehood. The teaching profession can do this by refocusing on the epistemology that undergirds a civilisation's worldview. Have teachers standing up and discussing with students how knowledge is defined, acquired, tested, accumulated, and disseminated over time. Delve into a civilization's epistemology - how it knows what it knows

As a starting point for discussion open borders and immigration should not be consigned to the stocks as racist but might be viewed as having a soupcon of realism.

How about a coming together of divergent and polarised views left/right and an undertaking of 'think tanks' and educational estrablishments to combat  I  am right and you are wrong claims, the undergirding of such claims, how people come to know what they know and how 'knoweldge is validated should be disassembled 

Language works in human culture, speech and text communicate the world inside the individual consciousness to the world outside of it. An epistemology operates tacitly, beneath the sturdy surface of everyday existence, of consciou life; it is the lens through which one sees and interprets the world. However, when the invading concepts and behaviors so challenge the basic premises of how the civilization even reasons about itself, when the common folk themse lves, (Brexit/Trump) and not just the intelligentsia, begin to question the foundations of their daily lives, that civilization is thus subject to, and perhaps becomes reconciled to, its dissolution. ie The Liberal loudspeaker that megaphones out to the populace finds its megaphone  (Trump, Brexit, Le Pen et al) has been turned off and no one is listening, except those still standing holding megaphones.

We have become manacled by logocentrism,  a way of saying this is that the West has always regarded language as both heuristic and epistemic, that is, capable on the one hand of discovering and rendering the world as it is, and on the other hand, capable of contributing to it by creating knowledge, that is, fictions - poetry, literature, art - that are analogous to or mimetic of reality but distinct from it. And by intelligent guess work (heuristics) we can seek out the 'truth'.

The West and Liberal Education, my criticsm is that the Liberal teaching profession beral the  student is thought not to construct an epistemology but to inhabit one. Instead of emplying a compass to chart the present and the future, there is a thereness to Liberal education a givenness that provides students withj stability and historical context to their spiritual and intellectual odyssey.
Liberals and conservatives can endure and assimilate all manner of alien ideology as long as its component parts can in some sense be translated and subsumed into that civilisation's existing traditions and experiences, and thus interpreted as a refinement or corrective of the past. For myself  my periscope is up all the time (I hope) and  am constantly on the look out for a challenge to my ideas, i,e not so long ago I was a staunch liberal and have volte faced into  upholding a, I hope, a not too rigid Conservative view. 

Time for a new script my Liberal/Conservative friends. time to engage with the 'real' world, no more manning the ramparts with name calling 'deplorables', this sentiment also applies to those of a Conservative bent.

Bon courage to both sides

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