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The born again Harvard mens' Soccer team

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 a team talk on Wittgenstein

Eddie: That Mary Lou I would love to just get her up against the wall...and fuck the life out...

Team mate: Steady, steady Eddie.

Eddie: Right, eh, yes, sorry, sorry, what I really meant to was...when I look at Mary Lou she just makes me realise that men are not better than women, what I really
think is - men are a lot worse then women.

Coach:  That's my boy.

Team mate: But only last week you were saying what a great piece of ass...and how she can dribble past you any time and pass the ball between your legs anytime and how she has a great feel for balls...

Eddie: Was I?

Team mate; Wasn't he, 'Cruncher;?

'Cruncher':  Yeah he was actually, I have just been admiring Michelle

Eddie: What, because she has got a great pair of gazzoomers  last week you were saying you would love to get her in that shed and....just rip off her soccer boots and...

Cruncher: No, she can discourse on the Greeks, i just love listening to her when she brings up Wittgenstein

Eddie: But only last week you were trying to get her into the shed over there to fuck the life....

Captain calls in the team for a team talk. 'Alright guys, hear me out and repeat after me...
as Socrates wisely said once man made woman equal to man, but then woman becomes his superior all together now let's hear it for women, for women in general

Cruncher: ... and for Socrates too.

Coach: After me now, I think it is foolish for women to pretend they are equal to men, no, no, no,  women are far superior and always have been,
All together now, let's hear it for women and their superior cognitive powers, their emphatic natures, their superior...

Official; OK  Time

Coach: Alright guys now go out there and kick the fuck out of Yale.

Harvard University canceled the remainder of the 2016 men's soccer season following an investigation into reports of a custom of ranking woman's soccer players' physical attributes in the lewdest of terms,

Apart from the humour of the post above there is a serious questions and it is:

Is PC Culture on College Campuses Out of Control?

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