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'Trauma' the emotion that gives modern lives a plot.

Trauma  informs our language,  there is a belief in trauma as a kind of agency, as a cultural force – in traumatic, cause and effect is skated over, to get to the real juice of the story, the traumatic event, and the trauma becomes  the real heroes and heroines in life stories.

In the words of Adam Philips,'despite the fact that the relationship between being shocked and being changed is indeterminate – many shocking things make little real difference, and the unnoticed and the unnoticeable can have astonishing repercussions – the idea of trauma reassures us that we can find a beginning, and that there is a beginning worth finding. It puts a plot, if not a plan, back into modern lives.'

So the headliner is TRAUMA  the traumatic event, however down amongst the small print
are the unnoticed stories which can have really significant effects on our lives.

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