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The Universities as the last bastions for free speech? Think again

The one place where freedom of expression and the open mind should prevail is on US college campuses and UK Universities. right?  Isn’t that what liberal education is supposed to be about — the free and open inquiry into history, science and the arts in order to understand how humanity has understood itself for millennia?

Yet the Universities and those seats of 'learning' have become at first mildly and then as it grew in confidence astonishingly illiberal institutions where speech codes, “safe spaces,” and other controls of freedom of expression are intended to close down debate? 

Priminent people in the US like former Harvard University President Larry Summers are forbidden to speak and in the UK, Germaine Greer, I could name many, who buck the party line are suspended from teaching or lecturing and in what is hardly credible some education establishments even try to control how people address one another in public (“Ze” and “hir” instead of Mr., Miss or him or her)?

One has to wonder are we into a liberal driven Mao-like mind control not dissimilar to what happened in Chinese universities during the Cultural Revolution.

In some US Universities if you pass someone by and give then a certain look, intended or not, you have commited a thought crime, is this not Orwellian?

Where are the people who will speak up about such matters.  You may think you can resort to
Free Speech, but sorry, that is denied to you as what you want to say may be deemed illegal
by the authoritarian leftist legislature,

So bunker down, put your free thoughts into cold storage for it appears you no longer have
 the right to say what you want to say.

But I never thought I’d see the day when such tactics would be used in America and the UK to turn free thought into the “thought crimes” of George Orwell’s imagination.

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