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The Greeks and the illumination of the intellect

Aufklärung or illumination of the
intellect seems to have burst on the Greek race like a great flood of light about the sixth century B.C.
AT an early period in their intellectual development the Greeks reached
that critical point in the history of every civilised nation, when
speculative thought invades the domain of revealed truth, when the spiritual
ideas of the people can no longer be satisfied by the lower, material
conceptions of their inspired writers, and when men find it impossible to
pour the new wine of free thought into the old bottles of a narrow and a
trammelling creed.
Think Liberal old wine, post Liberal new wine
Think the Clintons trying to sell themselves off as sparkling new wine
but we know their vineyards have been blighted for some time.
Trump, new wine, but I am not sure i want to sup of that wine, so when it is offered to me, I pass, claiming I can't drink. Doctors orders.
However I note
that there was a lot of people refusing Trump's wine but on the big tasting day, they all intended to indulge.

Did this not happen with Brexit, people were afeared
to say they would vote to leave the EU, but on polling day in the secrecy of the booth, they could freely place their Xs to leave. 

 The spirit of criticism
draws its intolerance from dogmatic authority.

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