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Something Rotten in the State of Denmark...make that the USA

Much has been made of how coarse and boastful Mr Trump is, how unworkable and foolish his policies are (the wall with Mexico, the ban on Muslims entering the US, and his commitment to protectionism) and how he has alienated much of the electorate by attacking women and minorities. 

Because of heavily biased media, in broadcasting and in print at least, and to an extent on the Internet, less had been reported about the enormous unpopularity of Mrs Clinton, the toxicity of her personality in the eyes of tens of millions of Americans, the distaste with which Bernie Sanders’ supporters still generally regard her, and the nature of her links with very rich people and institutions whose bona fides do not always bear the fiercest scrutiny. 

This may explain  why Clint0n has such a modest a lead over a candidate as controversial as Mr Trump, who has broken every rule in the campaigning book, and whose party had largely disowned him.

The day after the US Election which Clinton is likely to win with a slim majority
you will have a seething half of the population of America. And this resentment of Trump supporters will grow and grow, as in the UK the war of words continues between 'Brexiteers' and 'Remainians'.  The vanquished Remainians are seething
despite the clear evidence that the goal posts have moved; rumbling of Trump nature are spreading like wildfire across the European continent we are into post Liberal politics and fair do's they had their chance until it was found out they, Left leaning Liberals were almost pathologically self-serving.

So let us not gloat on current hatreds, but let us trust the people who are no longer cowed by Establishment bias. Having said that I fear turbulent times in Europe and the USA as Democracies recalibrate their aims and values to suit the will of the people.

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