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The Liberal view - we are citizens of nowhere; rootless cosmopolitans in a global bazzaar without borders

London 1994 - there would be a different future a dozen years from now on for the indigenous population Enter Tony Blair's (WITH LARGE SMILE AND DEMON EYES) Labour Government who are about to rub the electorate's face in 'Diversity' and of course the hundreds of thousands of Immigrants will vote for Labour in their gratitude. This was Gerrymandering (vote rigging)on a vast scale. The British people were not consulted in regard to such a massive demographic change that would reverberate for centuries. The Westminster Labour cabal like a coven of witches assemble, most of them 'well educated' Liberals. The populace must understand, they pronounce that a migratory way of life is the price of getting ahead … ‘multiculturalism’ suits us to perfection, conjuring up an agreeable image of a global bazaar …ours is essentially a tourist’s view of the world.' The Liberal cognoscenti could be smeared as citizens of nowhere – “rootless cosmopolitans” they have little or nothing in common with the populace they govern. adapted from source:

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