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Liberal bigotry, I am left and you are wrong

A Liberal might be definef as a person open to new behaviours or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

A Bigot is by definition a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

So why, in the experience of many, in discussion do Liberals finger jabbing and froth at the mouth when their views are contested?

Those who label themselves liberals did not take this defeat and the UK’s decision to leave the EU kindly. Their reactions ranged from sarcasm to outrage but the underlying attitude/belief was the same: 'It is dangerous to let common people decide what they want. Better leave these matters in the hands of educated people like us.'

The essential question here is what does 'educated' mean.  In the UK your child say goes to Oxbridge
(either Cambridge or Oxford) to study Humanities. In the 3 year period of her study she will not hear one 'illiberal' view by her Professors, who have in turn been educated never to have been taught what is deemed to be an 'illiberal' views and so the academic circus rolls on determine to circle the wagons against any illiberalism. One could argue here that the claim to be educated is a pseudo claim
the reality is you have been inducted into holding (for life) a narrow view point, which in many cases so strong is this Liberal belief that it might be termed a Religion.

Returning to the Brexit vote in the UK, when it was shown that the young voted to remain and the older age group voted to leave
there was an outcry and the vile proposal from some leftist was mooted that the law might be changed
ie there is a minimum voting age and the proposal was there might be a maximum one top
does this not smack of eugenics?

Recommended read:
Ben Shapiro’s book “ Bullies- How the Left’s culture of fear and intimidation silences America”. In this book the author has demonstrated with case after case how the unholy nexus of NGOs, media and the socialist government is usurping the fundamental rights of its own citizens in the name of political correctness and inclusiveness.

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