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is Bill Maher Religious but he doesn't know it.

Does Bill Maher, an avowed atheist, belong to a Religion (uber Liberal) who despises Religion?

He of course does not Worship deities in the formal sense, what he and others of that sect Worship is the act of Worshiping their 'higher' values; as they plant their flag on Mount Moral, yes, up there with a Copernican world view of the lesser mortals; free of all isms of  name calling which they created
islamophobia, misogyny, racism, homophobia, you name it they have got the badge.

I once asked a Liberal who wore all the 'correct' badges and was not slow to espouse his Liberal credentials in that wearisome mantra way:
 'Are you religious at all.' 'Religion!' he huffed, ' I am a complete atheist.'

That night on television I watched Bill Maher that uber Liberal par excellence claim that he 'hated all religions.'

I wonder, for it seems to me there is a 'calling' in Liberals, not unlike in Muslim communities who are called to prayer five times a day; five times is small change to a Liberal who is compelled to pronounce his higher order moral ethics on a daily basis.

 It would appear there is a minaret in their minds, a secular calling, but none the less a Cathecism that lays out the do's and don'ts of the Liberal self-identification, their beliefs have a specific litany – they call us non-believers to prayer, as if we were early Roman and they early Christian.

They believe (and we could do a PhD on what Belief means) that their beliefs are theirs and theirs alone on mainstream issues; the environment, equal rights, diversity, open borders, opposition to homophobia, misogyny, racism et al; however these sentiments are widely shared by thinking moderates and conservatives.

But in the fevered minds of Liberals, their hauteur toward non-believers becomes conflated into an epic struggle against the grotesque foes (us or anyone who does not believe in the Liberal creed)
of all that they believe and know is good and true. Many might call this hauteur blind arrogance.

What is require for 'belief' is a form of cognitive dissonance, i.e you have no evidence that
there exists an evil (the political left) yours is just a view, an opinion and all opinions are theories.
Yet you fervently believe in your views as God given truth.  Sounds 'Religious' to me.

One might even argue that  liberal mind-set  has turned tolerance into an endorsement of intolerance
and we all know of the intolerance of certain religions for other religions, one could argue this is the
case with the wailing wall type mantras of the left against the right, and of course the same
applies to the right against the left.

Ideological difference is not proof of moral deficiency

It is the Left’s contention that if you don’t agree with their views on things, it is basically because you are morally deficient (paraphrasing Ben Shapiro), repulsive human beings. On the gay marriage debate in USA, talk show host Bill Maher said “recently 53 % of Americans voted that they are ok with gay marriages. It means 47 % of Americans are a**holes.” No Bill, it only means 47 % of Americans hold a world view different from yours.  The same goes for your parroting of Hillary Clinton's labelling of  close to half the population of America as deplorables 

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