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For God'sake, in the name of human compassion, let these children in.

ABOVE some of the children fleeing war and who will be attending UK schools

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 I am quite aware this is a serious matter and there are genuine refugee children in the mire and mud and this matter should not to be treated in a cavalier fashion,

However as Peter Hitchens has it that beautiful vast country, France, the last time he looked, was one of the most civilised countries in the world. It is not a war zone. Nobody starves there. There are schools. Many fashionable British liberals own houses there.

So if they are not fleeing war based in Calais. surely it follows, they are economic migrants

So why are these people, so desperate in France, that they are prepared to stow away in a lorry or climb a 15ft fence and risk life and limb to come to the already overcrowded UK;  witness  the black hole that London has become sucking in everything and everybody as the indigenous population take white flight.

So what are these enormous, prematurely aged children of military age fleeing from? Why must they come to an island, the UK,  minute quite tiny compared to the land mass of France.

 adapted from Source PETER-HITCHENS-child-refugees-fleeing-France

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