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The snobbish hauteur of those 'Liberals' who idolise their inner superiority

Do we all have a duty to cleanse ourselves of those sloppy dregs of Romanticism?

 Among those sloppy dregs was the unique entitled individual so dear to liberalism, and so costly, for the vitality of culture.

One of the most striking things about all the great Modernist writers in English, other than Joyce, is the scale of their contempt. Like people in shock, they found a great many things unbearable, like their. 
scorn for the masses is staggering. See the Liberal sneering view of the masses in the UK Brexit campaign.
What they the metropolitan elite was a kind of snobbish hauteur.

So why so, why do they have sneering oh so might hauteur? Wherefore all this contempt?

  The real reason for their hauteur is something not given.’ Just to state we  know, implying you don't know keeps one ahead,  does it not? (to employ their lofty tone.)  'Knowing, keeps one ahead of the game, don't yeh know.'

 And they continue in this fantasied grandeur tone. If you disagree with them watch your eyes because their is bound to be finger jabbing, to enforce their authority against what they deem to be persecution for disagreeing with them. There is a conviction that their private judgment is superior for they idealise inner superiority, such a Liberal attitude is hardly conducive to a political concensus.

One of them passes me by; 'Oh I read your piece in your blog, well done you.'

Was that my knee crooking, surely not. How hard it is to disengage from the English class system.

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