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Barack Obama, not a progressive liberal, but a pragmatic this a good thing

Love him or hate him, Barack Obama is a pragmatic technocrat. [emphasis added] He doesn’t support a larger public sector just for the sake of having a larger public sector. He doesn’t support more spending just for the sake of spending more. He doesn’t support taxes for the sake of taxes. And he doesn’t regulate just for the sake of regulatin,

Obama reflected on his ideology – or in this case, the lack of an ideology.
“I do not believe in regulation for regulation’s sake – contrary to rumor. This idea that somehow I get a kick out of big government is just not the case. The truth of the matter is, if something is working without us being involved, we’ve got more than enough to do without getting involved in it. We really do. It’s not like I’m waking up every morning thinking, ‘How can I add more work for me?’ I don’t think that way.”
As part of the same answer, the president added, “Even on some of the big regulations you hear about that you don’t like, they’re not issued unless we think that the benefits substantially outweigh the costs. And we have the numbers to prove it. So for those of you who think that I’m just a big government, crazy liberal, we’re actually – we crunch some numbers around here. We take it very seriously.”

But is being a technocrat a beneficial thing for society?

When things get really bad countries find ways to put financially literate people (technocrats)  so when politics and economics clash, economics wins in the end. There is, unfortunately, a lot of collateral damage on the way but technocrats with their claims to be 'experts' are shielded by their unswerving self belief in their own expertise,

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