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We must spread freedom of speech and in order to do that we must watch what we say

·         What are the implications for free speech? 'Doublethink',  Orwell wrote apropos of life in Oceania, which could be applied to modern day Western thinking

So what is 'doublethink'? It is the mental technique that allows one to ‘hold simultaneously two opinions knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them’. 

One sees this in religion in the form of cognitive dissonance, you know you have factually not seen God but you still hold a belief of his existence

Even to understand the word “doublethink” involves the use of doublethink.’ It is like that with freedom of speech and self-censorship in the West. 

We must spread freedom of speech in order to make the world free. And to do the job well, we must watch what we say.

Freedom of speech is as natural as breathing but hey,
watch what you say.  Because PC big brother is sure to be listening.

·         The difficulties of legislation on speech have grown more complex with the elaboration of other rights,  The freedom to speak one’s mind is a physical necessity, not a political and intellectual piece of good luck; to a thinking person, the need seems to be almost as natural as breathing. 

‘How do I know what I think till I see what I say?’ The question applies not just to writing but to friendly or unfriendly conversation, or a muttered soliloquy. 

Free speech has caused major changes in our political landscape, think of 
. the dissident minorities who took the clearest advantage of this liberty in the high age of Protestant dissent, think Luther pinning his free speech by way of pamphlet nailed to a tree.

Free speech in our time has taken a very different turn. People know that their words are monitored, beyond their power to calibrate, and the respectable are more cautious than ever before. They take great care not to speak bluntly, not to speak freely.

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