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The fascistic tendencies of the highly literate

Most people (the highly literate are among the worst) believe that what is good for them will be good for others
They believe their authority to deem what is good for us and what we should say and musn't say is derived from knowledge and therfore they 'know'.
They know they would be aghast if you suggested that their views were not knowledge but opinions and these opinions were no more than theories.
I have oft stood and watched this horror of the learned preaching being and watched those talked at from on high react in  a passive 'I'm staying out of trouble'  way and indulge themselves in a kind of self censorship by gagging themselves, I 'know' because I have done that myself.
It is not a pretty sight to see the supposedly literate, the PC brigade,  et al
preaching and coercing other people without having to supply reasons.

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