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So you thought you had principles.

As Alisdair ManIntyre argues

in regard to  timeless principle  - there are no timeless principles.

For locating a principle outside time or history, and using it to judge present reality is an ahistorical nonsense.

For the contemporary American Left, the principle appears as a theory of multicultural tolerance and shared instruction that presumes a vantage point,, we can never get outside language and stand on some observing pinnacle of righteousness -  from which one can determine how well or badly one is behaving/doing  the 'right' things. For the 'right' thing is immersed in history.

 The liberal’s principle is transparent.  Stanley Fish argues that belief in any of these three vantage points is illogical and ahistorical. 

For him, the two amount to the same thing. A ‘principle’ implies a point of view outside oneself – an impossibility. 

Logically, one can never be apart from oneself; a community can never be apart from itself; history can never get outside itself.-  ergo,  a sinister uniformity lurks within multiculturalist tolerance,

So what to do about our supposed principles? - violate the notion of principles by having no principles
as essentially  they are a nonsense

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