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How can my norms be judged by yours

Isiah Berlin sought to apply an idea of political tolerance not only to persons but to whole cultures; the reason was that cultures themselves were expressive achievements akin to works of art.

It is evident how such an argument, though classical-liberal in its origins, might flower in a defence of identity politics; and in the US and Britain, its influence has certainly been to discourage criticism of identity politics. 

But if cultures resemble works of art, if they are supposed to speak in different languages that resist translation, how can my norms be governed by yours? 

Attempt for your empathy to stretch across foreign terrains leads to nothing but credulity.

Enlightenment universalism, diversity, PC, muti culturism has not as yet set us all in some elysian fields, freedom and a 'better life' has rewarded the 'givers' with parochial forces more interested in the limitation of freedom. Cultural pluralism’ has not weakened the appetite for suppression among the 'receivers' 
in their replacement of gatitude for enittlement in the now mixed cultures of the West.

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