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Ground control to Hillary Clinton, put your goggles on and stop being the artful dodger.

Ground control to  Hillary C -  put your goggles on and stop being the artful dodger,                        
ground control to Hillary C  stop putting your honest face on as you delve for some more dirt on your opponent that nice Mr Trump. Stop ditching dirt as you scour the tabloids for more fodder.  People deserve a proper argument

Ground control to Major Donald Trump, put your goggles on...oh forget it (he is too far into space to be reached)

and in the UK Ground control  to Jermyn Corbyn the leader of the Labour Party, who is out to prove to his student tribe of followers that there is LifE ON MARS?


 Jeremy Corybn 

WHO IS TAKING HIS FOLLOWERS to a lunar landscape 

oH JEREMY why did you leave school with 1 GCSE, and why did you not find your true vocation that of being a genial woodwork teacher?


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