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Who did Michelle Obama plagiarise her speech from?

Image result for Michelle Obama in la la land with Jame Corden

Michelle Obama in la la land with J Corden, some may ask 'What about the dignity of office?'

Hate to be a 'party poope' but


or this

It is argued that there is no such thing as originality, for if 'it' was truly original how would we know what to compare it with.

Which brings one onto the subject of plagiarism; the media were foaming at the mouth recently
claiming that Ivana ( I think that is her Christian name) Trump plagiarised Michelle Obama's speech

- as to Michelle who did not make the grades to get into Princeton and was accepted by way of 'affirmative
action' (awarded to minorities) and who ended up writing her thesis so muddled that Christopher Hitchens' described it as a Thesis  'not written in any known language' one has to then wonder where got her lauded speech from?

Was she plagiaristic and is there no alternative to plagiarism?

If one cares to climb on the shoulders of literary greats for a moment T S Eliot was said to be a literary anthropologist as he excavated for literary allusions, the same might be said of  Coleridge's
Kubla Kahn;  was Joyce not drawing from the Greeks for Ulysses?...Voltaire claimed that all originality was no more than judicious plagiarism. So 'originality' might be viewed as being a rather industrious Jackdaw.

Originality is tradition.  It is the tinkering with tradition, this applies to Shakespeare, (our own Homer) as much as to any 'artist'.  It is fairly consensual that Shakespeare was an original genius
however it is not consensual how inventive he was in culling past works Roman comedies, ie Petrach et al.

Was Milton another towering figure original?  The argument goes
that those who claim to be original are relativists

Handel was notorious 'lifter' of other people's  work that some view him as a kleptomaniac. and so on and so the beginning wasn't the 'word' it was the conversation.

As Lacan once put it, ‘the symbolic belongs to everybody’ and therefore ‘plagiarism doesn’t exist.

In our computer age - we live in an age of boundless textual promiscuity, and language is a vast
labryntine echo chamberr; there are no textual borders and as Jacques Lacan once put it, ‘the symbolic belongs to everybody’ and therefore ‘plagiarism doesn’t exist.

As to the much vaunted intelligence of her husband, well he must have discussed this project with his wwife  and given it the green light, well if this is a manifestation of intelligence I think we have been duped.

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