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If a Deity is outside of time how can s/he intervene in time

I consider the concept of ‘Nothing’, arguing that it is impossible to conceive such a concept, as nothing does not exist. Non-existence by its own definition cannot be and therefore there is no alternative to existence.
Like Augustine, we too must wrestle with the aporia called time. Let us propose we think of ‘nothing’ in order to think of time as beginning and ending. To conceive of time in this way is to envisage it being surrounded by nothingness. In order for there to be a time before time, this time would still be a created time, since God is the maker of all time. By such calculation God is the creator of nothing and yet, nothing cannot exist God is the creator of nothing and yet, nothing cannot exist. 

Augustine agonises on but faith is his saviour As to Augustine’s resolution of his maker being outside the infinite, and outside eternity, one might enquire, in Augustinian fashion, that if God is outside time, how then can he intervene in a realm in which he palpably is not?

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