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Downloading then uploading your 'self'.

It is some time in the future and I am sitting at a quantum computer 

Image result for at super computer

and endeavouring to upload my mind, well, ‘mind; is the wrong word
as are those other linguistic classification, 'mind, spirit, soul, essence' et al for it brooks no argument that all we  have is consciousness. 

But does my consciousness have an architecture, I mean 
is it just like a building with foundations, doors, exits, entrances, walls, ceilings or is it irredeemably ad hoc?

Well I am Irish I feed that in, and the super computer aeons now beyond the power of the human brain starts computing...Irish, culture
Gaelic language, traits; now I type in DNA, now genes, now height weight, shoe current political, economic, social influences....the computer at untold speed pixels out its computations.

So there is an architecture to my consciousness; how, what and when I think, my output, my thoughts are the result of a myriad of influences, which this super computer can ‘programme’. My consciousness is determined

I look at the screen, so that is me, another me on the screen.

I download the information to my children’s computers and (in some not too distant future time) that may be your legacy to children

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