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Bild the German newspaper report how the German goverment is taking precautions and making preparations for terrorist nuclear/biological or chemical attack

Terrorism wave in Germany forces Berlin to plan broad range of civil defence measures --

Bild (the leading German newspaper) quotes paper: 

In case of an attack (nuclear, biological or chemical) hospitals are planned to be used as 'decontamination sites' | 04 Aug 2016 | 

Against the backdrop of terrorist attacks that rocked Europe - and Germany in particular - in recent months, the German government is set on updating the system of national civil defense for the first time in some 20 years, Bild reported on Thursday. Citing excerpts from the 69-page draft version of the new document which is expected to be adopted by ministers on August 24, the newspaper reports the proposed changes cover a variety of spheres, from increasing vaccine and basic supplies storage to stocking up on chemical protective suits to be distributed among the population in case of emergency. All German municipalities will be ordered to dig special water-wells to provide a minimum supply of drinking water for their citizens for at least two weeks, as well as purchase chlorine tablets for disinfection and organize water distribution across their land.


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