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The deconstruction of the very notion of meaning,

For many, maybe the vast majority the meaning of the world must be found outside of the world 

However in a  post metaphysial world: the dissolution or deconstruction of the very notion of meaning, and the postulate that notion covers (the expectation of signification) must be addressed,

In regard to meaning of the world for the majority, it must be found outside of the world 

Our task then,  migth be to  interrogate the conditions of possibility of a so powerful and durable religious domination exerted upon a world 

that has valiantly never stopped outmaneuvering and deposing that same domination, and though the process of valiant thought  found means (the Enlightenment/reason itself).in it to be used against this metaphysical comfort blanket,  

The sins of man, he is fallen and other Biblical tropes,have brought about an unconditional alienation. However, unconditional does not  mean non-indeconstructible.

Heaven, the “other world” or the 'promisd land' this world-behind-the-worlds, was never more than the existence of the other of this world.  

We are left with the the precept of living in this world but meaning being outside of it in that world behind worlds, J'accuse Plato and his cave analogy.


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