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When we anthromorphosise things, are we too 'things' rather than 'selves'

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:"Ode on a Grecian Urn","
Or Shelley's Ode to the West Wind
Wind 'be thou me' the point here to contemplate are we too things, rather 'selves' talking to 'things'?.

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So I supposed this is all a very digressive way of saying that my brain is falling out when I think about the impossib

le delineations and attendant implosions of human/nonhuman, subject/object realms and relations in the film A.I. and about the liberatory possibilities, in our family, love, and other relationships, suggested by Barbara Johnson, of "willingly playing the role of thing." This would be to suggest a world in which we would each make ourselves available as "good enough" persons, which is to say, as things [shiny or frayed] that can be loved and hated in equal measure, and who, by virtue of our dis-investment in ourselves as "precious" singularities [or perspectives] with specific demands upon the world and other persons, can be "destroyed" [in others' fantasies - See more at:

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