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Biggest story of our age and yet politically incorrect to bring it up.


This is the new London: an immigrant city. Over one-third of Londoners were born abroad, with half arriving since the millennium. This has utterly transformed the capital, for better and for worse.

Ben Judah's book points out that the indigenous population of Peckham, in South East London (setting for that astonishingly good cockney TV series Fools and Horses) has been reduced to 10% and most of those are old people.

There is currently the epiphenomenon of 'white flight' from London estimates of 600,000 leaving the city.

Yet as an illustration of adhering to a cultually  backward zeitgeitst the BBC continues to run the most popular show on UK Television, Eastenders; 

purportedly about the East End and the daily toing and froing of those lovable cockney sparrows hailing from the East End of London. Yet the reality is these lovable cockney sparrows,  are such a dwindling band (statistics prove this) that they appear to be non-existent.  Go down the East of London and look for yourself.

SOURCE: Mark Steyn

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