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Barack Obama an inveterate low brow

OK call me elitist, accuse em of snobbism et al  none the less, what I find deeply tiring with Barack Obama is his relentless low browism.

If is not canoodling up to his wife as he was seranaded by Paul Mcartney's sentimental strains
at the White House he is almost deifying the passing of Prince in a wordy hagiography. (Don't get me wrong I admire both these artists, but I also like Bach and Mozart more, much more.) Threre is a case for distinguishing between art and left-wing kitsch,

Speakng of wordiness, when asked the first  question at his press confernce on his recent visit to the UK Obama's reply to this brief  two sentence question was a reply which went on and on interminably, put a watch on it if you care enough and you find it is almost 10 minutes: this was rampant logorrhea, which translated is extreme loquaticy, maybe he could be renamed the 'garroulous one'

There are many in the UK who viewed his pronounements on Britain staying in the UK as playing the man not the ball, in a word 'ignorant' of the facts. The EU ball is moving, some say rolling down hill, think Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, with massive youth unemployment, under back of the scooter tubby Hollande France is an economic basket case, The EU is wobbling on its grandiose stilts,
its child is the soi disant 'right wing which is popping up all over its garden like so many weeds
there is a collossal waste of money by all those white men is suits who would not recognise a Jihadist if he was renting their spare room - think Brussels, the hub of the EU packed with all free loading people yet just down the road, literally, there was and is the most extreme hot bed of terrorists in Europe.

I was in Brussels recently and my female companion was quite frightened by the unstated menace of men in doorways as we made our way to the centre of Brussels. So we can take it as a given
that the Brussels beurocracy is not replete with Sherlock Holmes types.

Now Mr President is off to Germany to laud that arch apologist for Germany's past sins Frau Merkel.
Merkel is a physicist  as is the woman who recently had a landslide victory over her, It take a physicist to unmask a physicist (see below).

It is is said that every ying has a yang, one wonders if Trump is the yang to Obama's legacy of ying.

MAGDEBURG, Germany (Reuters) - Supporters of Germany's new anti-immigration party erupted into raucous celebrations in this eastern city on Sunday after the Alternative for Germany (AfD) surged into three state assemblies with scores that would have been unthinkable only a year ago.
"What an amazing evening," Andre Poggenburg, the AfD leader in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt, said in a fiery speech in the state capital Magdeburg, calling the result "brilliant".
"We fought like lions for your land," he said, dismissing Angela Merkel as "the worst chancellor in the history of Germany."

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