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Liberal 'McCarthyism' has created Trump

Any extreme must in time by most laws in turn create a reaction.

I would submiut that the mealy mouth self serving left has Frankenstein like created its own monster.

One sees the rise of Donald Trump amids increasing acclaim, the 'Mergelisation' of Germany will be that apologist thinkers downfall - treating Gemrany as if it were a patient requiring rehabilation as she ascends the feel good Mount Moral.

Of course one has sympathy for the flight of Syrians, especially the childred but the answer is not the
moral leftist tsunami treacling over the debate. The answers as David Cameron has asserted to treat the problem at source and aid those fleeing near their country of origing so as they can return when the horrific war is over.

As to the 'Jungle' in Calais if the residents are fleeing persecution they are in a free and wonderful country, why not seek ayslum there.  Why wait for the promised land  of economic 'Benefits'?

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