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The 'subconscious' a playing field for Capitlalism and its bastard, Consumerism,

When you think of it - all those cherished notions; id, ego, superego  unconscious might all be a nonsense, as constant and substantive as a Viennese twirl.

Identities are "constructed" — that is, they, their minds are the products of historical and social forces, not the internal struggle of Freudian drives or organic developmental stages.

For some, including me, the subconscious for instance, is just another frontier created by man, a playing field  for Capitalism and its bastard consumerism…for him the subconscious is the unknowable empty self that must be filled up with new
products and images. 
more products and images.
more and nore products and images. 
more and more and more products and images.

and on and on and on.

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