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Is God vengeful?

If Hell (probably an outdated notion) however if it exists then we have a very vengeful God.

Indeed, the moral complexity of revenge becomes evident once we try to imagine a God who is not vengeful – what would he or she be doing with their time?

 If I worship a god who claims vengeance as his own then I am as vengeful as he is. 

It is our complicity, our mutual endorsement, of this that is rife with disturbing implication. 

I mean why would anyone want to worship – or even admire – a God who took pride in his punishments? 

What is authority, or supernatural power if it is constituted by a freedom to punish? 

Some may hold the view that God is right because he punishes, 

 You’ve got to be cruel to be kind - in God's way we learn from the disaters that beset us, great,
but is it not more simply that the case with a vengeful God is that you have to be cruel to be cruel?

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