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Liberals - as inoffensive curiosities

 If you declare you are a Liberal, are you now an inoffensive curiosity or at best a museum piece, a curioisty.

In the USA Liberal is now a dirty word and fast becoming a threatened species.

The wisest of us may be fools, I thought as I listened to the 'Liberal who had for the last ten minutes avowed the justification for London Underground workers, with their mouth watering salaries,  to go on strike again!

I had listened to his diatribe in silence feeling as is if I was a carp lying unmovingly in the sand, barely a swish from me might cause a ripple in the wave inducinge surface cant above me.  You disagree at your own peril with a Liberal. His justifications with all its completist tendencies went on, his ideals as old as tumult itself. A lean faced prophet whispering fearful change

His look would make rich men look fearful and the worker dance with joy. Like some  monk about to be martyred he seemed he was searching for an excuse to grow impassioned and commited he argued emotionally, as if seeking reasons to be angry;  everything was class conflict.

I wathced as he moved his hands grandeloquently as if gazing into the celestial gardens strolling determinedly across  the golden meadow with his sycthe on his rebellious shoulders, and the glorious rusting tractor off to his left,  oh that such student politicking should have such fervour and yet die- especailly when you are sardine packed in a London underground with the mass of ‘good for the ecomony’ immigrant workers,you nose sutck is some armpt, as you endeavour to get to your workplace.

We parted and we shook hands,  I noted that his hands were as soft as a womans, probably from all that typing for samizdat feullitons on his Apple computer.

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