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He lives on in the calendar - the benevolent Roman dictator who reigned at the time of Jesus's birth.

The benevolent Roman dictator who reigned at the time of Jesus's birth.

Let me introduce this great man to you. Since he is connected with the birth of Christ, we should know something about him. He was born Gaus Julius Caesar Octavian. He was the grandnephew of  Julius Caeser  the founder of the Roman Empire 

The people of Rome called him Augustus Caesar, that is, “Exalted Caesar.” The name Augustus means exalted. He ruled the Roman Empire from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D. The word of God reveals that Jesus Christ was born when Augustus Caesar reigned over the Roman Empire. It is an absolute certainty that Christ was born between 27 B.C. and A.D. 14. The birth of Christ is no superstitious idea invented by Christians. Jesus and Augustus were contemporaries for several years. It is agreed by most all historians that he was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. 

The World Book Encyclopedia gives him high praise. He was a peaceful ruler who went to war only when it was absolutely necessary. He initiated a time of peace that lasted 200 years. I am not acquainted with any other period of human history when there were 200 years of peace. This great man never dreamed that during his reign, he would have a part in helping a king to be born, called the Prince of peace, and who was far greater than he, a king who would not only be the greatest leader the world would ever know, but he was to be King of Kings and ruler over all kings. 

The World  Book Encyclopedia
gives this account of the achievements of Augustus: “He restored pace and orderd after 100 years of civil war. He maintained honest government, a sound currency system, and free trade among the provinces. He developed an efficient postal system, improved harbors and established colonies. An elaborate highway system, connecting the most remote parts of the empire, was built during his reign.” I suppose we would call him a benevolent dictator. Dear Reader, this man's name is always in your house if you have an English calendar hanging on your wall. Every time you write a check in the month of August you keep this man's memory alive. He was given the name Augustus which means “exalted” as a compliment to his greatness. Moreover, they gave his name to one of the months of the year, the month of August. The memory of the man lives on by his name on the calendar.    

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