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Quantum Entanglement and its relation to Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

Photons in quantum theory are conjoined millions of light-years away, they appear never to be separate. Somewhat like Like Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel; no matter how far they spread apart they would still be helplessly conjoined.   (listen to their Bridge Over Ttroubled Waters(

Further metaphysical speculation: think John Donne metaphysical poet extrodinaire

Dear Donne, (1572-1631) thou shouldst be living at this quantum entranglement hour!                                           
 One can only imagine what the science-loving Metaphysical poet would have made of a metaphor that had two lovers spinning in unison no matter how far apart they were;  think of two magic coins flipped at different corners of the cosmos, always came up heads or tails together. The photons are behaving like a pair of magic coins.  They are not in contact, and no known force links them, yet they act as one

Samuel Johnson said that a performer riding on three horses may not accomplish anything, but he increases our respect for the faculties of man. The scientists who show that nature rides three horses at once—or even two horses, on opposite sides of the universe—also widen our respect for what we are capable of imagining, and it is this action, at its own spooky distance, that really entangles our minds. 

A bit like Simon & Garfunkel at their harmonious best.

Source: Spooked
What do we learn about science from a controversy in physics?

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