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Paris and loving thy neighbour as thy self.

At this time of profound tragedy for so many lives in Paris it might be worth recalling the thoughts of one  of its most eminent Parisian philosophers Jacques Lacan  (1901-1981) who observed  that there was surely something ironic about Christ’s injunction to love thy neighbour as thyself – because actually, people hate themselves, from time to time. But don't give yourself too much love, as  would arouse the Christia hostility to anything that smacked of papgan self-love, the incrustation of  Chrstian polemics is almsot impossible to prise off.

But for some as was evident in Paris two nights ago by the unspeakable action of the terrorists in Paris, most of the time their self hatred must is on an insurmountable scale.

Or you could say that, given the way people (terrorists) treat their neighbour, perhaps they had always loved their neighbours in the way they loved themselves: that is, with a good deal of self hatred manifested in unbelievable cruelty to their neighbours..

For such people living with such bile and hatred there can be only escape, another world, another concept, that of an uber male 'paradise'

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