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You turn to the left when you transform personal anxiety into a social ethic.

National economic disaster, global threat, family disillusionment: many artists and those
seeking to what they believe to be a more moral ethic, will see such setbacks as a matter of personal destiny. Of course destiny or your fate, is in most instances is a matter of geography.
"Who drew these bloody maps, string up those cartographers from the nearest lamppost." (Joke)

When people are faced with economic disaster, global threat, family disillusionment this may trigger a sense of guilt an this may cause one to transfer a generalised feeling, '..this is not right' and a personal anxiety
'I must do something about this...' into a social ethic. 
So what do you do?  You position yourself on the hillock which is the supposed moral high ground,
or so the myth would have it and now '....I am a caring person. I am a socialist. So there.'

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