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What do humans do in Heaven and what worries me will it be hierarchical?

I like to sit about myself but  when I think  of i,t Eternity, is seems to me to be quite a fair stretch,. No rainy day Mondays, because all days morph into each  other.

And what about all those self-help books that tell you to keep it in the 'now'. Maybe the publishers will be more accommodating in Heaven, '...we are not overly concerend with the immediate it's the long term'.

What exactly do humans do in heaven?  Let's leave out the obscene male myth of all those nubile girls. What message does one impart to the nubile girls '...there will be a lot of hunks up there.'

Back to reality

Not having to graft, will be  for those a d'un certain age, perhaps a bit of gardening to while away the time. Will there be allotments to grow your own vegetables?  And speaking of which, what about the catering? , Will there be free food? or will the fare be a cross between communion wafers and panettone. Will we all be going around wreathed in smiles. If so, thise seems rather sinister. If I was to see my neighbour one day wreathed in smiles I would call the police.

According to St Augustine, what he envisaged was ‘leisure for the praises of God’ with ‘no inactivity of idleness, (surely one will run out of hobbies over millennia, any activity might begin to pall) and yet no toil constrained by want’ (just wait till global capitalism touches down on Heaven). I expect the whole experience to be a steep learning curve.

What humans thrive on are problems and if Heaven is problem free, I would rather focus on the
(not without its problems) of booking a family holiday in Spain.


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