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The male need for destruction.

Let us put aside the wearying jihadist nonsense that indoctrinated and reconstructed these swarthy

For one hears it day after day in the British Courts this plot and that plot by the 'brothers';
what they all need is reeducation to make them realise how recent (historically) their conception of the afterlife and heaven are. The Greek and Egyptian notions of the afterlife being far more healthy
and sane. No excitation of forty virgins waiting for you on the other side for those ancient Greeks and Egyptians as they contemplated going into 'that gentle night'.

If I were to constructs a class for these two I would go beyond the Islamic first dimension of the viscera and tease the neo-cortex to reflect on anthropology in regard to male violence:
I would have them review:
men as engendered and engendering subjects.
followed by: descriptions of distinct ways in which masculinity is defined
followed by:
diverse cultural economies of masculinity,
then, the notion of cultural regions in relation to images of manhood, male friendship, machismo, masculine embodiment, violence, power, and sexual faultlines.

Would this work? This is where the educationalists the politicians come in, which makes me think of the problems with education.

troped  Bomber Blair
none of which he achieved in his 13 years of power and elation
Still, now he is a billionaire.









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