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What used to be call leprechauns and trolls are now called

What used to be call leprechauns and trolls are now called  'Aliens' . And carbon chauvinists that we
humans are, these 'Aliens' since first reliably spotted in the New Mexico desert always seem to have
heads ...just like isn't that convenient?

Do these archetypes draw on a private but universal mental landscape? If so, we might square the circle of nature and culture with the suggestion that they have a basis in neurology but their interpretation shifts with the times: the fairies of old now manifesting more commonly as aliens.
Or if you are religious, 
oracles, messages from ancestors or the voice of God.

It has been said the English School system came into being as a counterweight to working classes
obsession with 'Fairies' at the bottom of the garden.

Hundreds of thousands of women were tortured and burnt at the stake in the Middle Ages, because it was thought they were witches, possessed by demons, (little people).

See Steven Spielberg's film ET and you will see how little progress we have made.

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