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We are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves

Since we ultimately ‘are’ the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the solution to a psychic deadlock resides,  in a ‘positive’ rewriting of the narrative of our past.

 If, say, the primordial traumatic scene existing in your unconscious, deforming and inhibiting your creative attitude, is that of your father shouting at you, ‘You are worthless, I never want to see you
again.  Or your mother harping at you, 'you will never amount to anything.|"

What you do to empower yourself is rewrite your your Dad says..."You really are something very special, you are my own special daughter and I want to be always close to you."
And your mum in the rewritten script says, "I think you are going to achieve great things."

Do I have any advice in this regard...yes, I do, Good Luck.


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