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Was Wikileaks run by the CIA?

Hello! Fellow conspirasists.

Of late we have witnessed the ideological battle is going on within WikiLeaks itself: between the radical act of publishing secret state documents and the way this act has been reinscribed into the hegemonic ideologico-political field by, among others, WikiLeaks itself?

Yes Saint WikiLeaks itself may have a tarnished halo.

What of their ‘corporate collusion’, i.e. the deal WikiLeaks made with five big newspapers, giving them the exclusive right selectively to publish the documents.

It is how we view this Western of the good guys trying to get the bad guys.
As Slavol Zizek observe, according to this way of seeing things, the enemy is those US diplomats who conceal the truth, manipulate the public and humiliate their allies in the ruthless pursuit of their own interests.

In this simplistic scenario ‘Power’ is held by the bad guys at the top, and is not conceived as something that permeates the entire social body, determining how we work, think and consume.

Wiki Leaks itself got the taste of this dispersion of power when Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and Bank of America joined forces with the state to sabotage it. The price one pays for engaging in the conspiratorial mode is to be treated according to its logic, you want to play the Capitalist game then so be it.

We have witnessed the the liberal appropriation of Wiki Leaks, a phalanx of these would be libertarian saints made it seem as they stood outside the Courts that Saint Julian was the flag bearer  in the glorious history of the struggle for the ‘free flow of information’. 

That is until Saint Julian jumped bail rather than face the Swedish Gulag, and his acolytes of the Left all lost their money.

Like all such entanglements Wikileaks is not straight forward,  so much so that theories
 abound about who is ‘really’ behind WikiLeaks – the CIA?

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