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US politics 'Act Global think Local'

 'Act Global think Local' this contradiction is amply illustrated by the twin pressures the US exerts.

It demands of other countries  that the authorities hand over suspected war criminals to the Hague tribunal (the logic of the global empire demands a trans-state global judicial institution).  Her we have is acting responsbile as the world's policeman.

Yet at the same the US urges these countries to sign a bilateral treaty with the US obliging it not to deliver to the International Criminal Court any US citizen suspected of war crimes or other crimes against humanity.

 In a recent environmental debate the US insisted on (local) keeping subsidies for its cotton producers, thus violating its own advice to Third World countries to (global)  abandon state subsidies and open up to the market.

You appear (global) to be exporters of democracy and guardians of universal human rights.

With torture it’s much the same story. You say one thing while you 'outsource' (local) the very thing you say you are against.

 In this way, it is easy to circumvent legislation:  say, where regulations are much less stringent than in the West, and the US can claim that it is not responsible for any violations by the sub-contractor. Torture is nowadays ‘outsourced’ to Third World.

What is one reaction to all this? ...perpelxed fury.

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