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Rubbishing Hollywood to appease 'Middle' America

By way of a host of glitz columnists and showbiz moralists the parable is spread. This is the word that comes from those who have seen the light, and their word is their bond.

Yeah unto you, the moralists who have been granted the power of the pen say unto you
Middle America, it is a simple and enduring moral tale, "where ‘it’ is money, fame, Eros, beauty, success, (Hollywood mores) it will not bring you  happiness brethren.

Here the moral - needs continual replenishment for Middle American readership; surely because it permits the depiction of vice and licence. They will write about it (Hollywood) in a prurient and titillating way and at the same time flag up moral standards that feeds and reinforces Middle America needs for the 'middle' ground.


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