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Imagine being Shakespeares Dad


He is a goode boye Wiliam, but difficulte. I wonte telle ye againe Will' putte hate quill downe and gette to

What is it nowe Williame? Another thinge you have wrote. Whye do you saye it like thate Willaime in that rhyming waye? Nowe offe to bedy and give me the quilley.
"I donte knowe where he gets it f rome, I cannote reade or write...nore can my whyfe, she sendes out a running horse for her signature.

The teachers at the Grammare school, saye Wilaime is getting a little out of handey. They just dont understande him. Surprisy, surproise I tried to talk to theme but they have beene off sicky. Why are theye alwayses offe sicky?
"Willi', stope reading oute that bloudy stuffe, you are getting on oure nerves.

Thinges are goinge frowm bad to worse for us, I never shoulde have gonne into thate money lending bysiness. What this ?Williame, come downe here and reade this for me. What's it say?
"Stoppe rushing me Dad," Well. what's it saye?"
It saye "Williame is a prmising pupile, but coulde do bettere."

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