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David Cameron and the oligarchy with a smile on its face

Ronald Syme’s classic work of 1939 'The Roman Revolution' wrote the following: “In all ages, whatever the form and name of government, be it monarchy, republic, or democracy, an oligarchy lurks behind the façade.” In this case, the oligarchy is David Cameron's UK Cabinet, or, more accurately, the 29 people who, in addition to Cameron, Osborne and Nick Clegg, are full members or entitled to attend its meetings. Some of these Cabinet plotters, colluders are imagining themselves grandiosly in the vestments of the Dauphin. It was the Cabinet that did for the Iron Lady (Margaret Thatcher in 1990, in an extraordinary series of one-on-one meetings (“treachery with a smile on its face”). They are the oligarchs who will decide Cameron’s fate – as, by the way, they always have been, since 2005 when he was elected Conservative leader and they were still the shadow cabinet. Bagehot called the Cabinet “a combining committee – a hyphen which joins, a buckle which fastens, the legislative part of the state to the executive part of the state”. It is the Britsh Prime Minister's misfortune that this buckle is fast rusting through.

Source Mathew D'ancona

It is a great pity that collusion and plotting is taking place against David Cameron, becuase for me he has show he has 'cojones' unusual in a UK (or any) politicisn

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